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The European Commission has published the 2017 calls for proposals for the promotion of agricultural products under Regulation 1144/2014.

These calls for proposals are open until 20 April 2017. The selected applications should be published in October 2017.

Furthermore, as already announced in December, an Info Day on the 2017 calls for proposals will be organized by DG AGRI in Brussels on 31 January (deadline for registration: 22 January).


#DGAGRI #OrganizationalChart

  • The former Directorate C – “Single CMO” becomes Directorate G – “Markets and Observatories”. A new Directorate A – “International” regroups now the majority of units under Directorates – A “Bilateral International Relations” and B – “Multilateral Relations”.
  • Unit G – 2 “Wine, Spirits and Horticultural Products” – directed by Joao ONOFRE – moves within the new Directorate – G “Markets and Observatories”. Its Director is Jens SCHAPS (formerly Director of Directorate C – Single CMO); The new deputy head of unit is Raimondo SERRA. He replaces Rudy VAN DER STAPPEN, who remains in the unit as a “Senior Expert”. Raimondo SERRA was formerly Deputy Head of Unit of the Americas Unit at DG AGRI. Jean-Marc TRARIEUX remains Unit Head of the Americas Unit. Antonia GAMEZ MORENO is the new head of unit of the unit Asia and Australia”, Lionel MESNILDREY remains the deputy head of unit.
  • The former unit C – 1 “General aspects of agricultural markets” becomes Unit G – 1 “Governance of agri – food markets”. Bruno BUFFARIA remains the Head of Unit. 
  • The former unit B – 3 “Quality policy” of Directorate B – “Multilateral relations, quality policy” becomes unit B – 3 “Geographical indications” in Directorate B “Quality, research and innovation, awareness – raising”. The new Head of Unit, Francis FAY, former Head of Unit “ACP and Development Issues”, had also served as Deputy Head of Unit of the former Unit “Agricultural Quality Policy”. Branka TOME, formerly Acting Head of Unit, remains Deputy Head of Unit.
  • The former Unit B – 5 “Promotion” becomes Unit B – 1 “External Communication and Promotion Policy”. Lene NAESAGER, Acting Head of Unit since October 2016, becomes Head of Unit.

The complete organizational chart is available @ http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/agriculture/who-is-who/who-is-who.pdf



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