oriGIn Alerts 21 September 2016: Forthcoming events on GIs around the world: oriGIn is there!

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Forthcoming events on GIs around the world: oriGIn is there!

From the WIPO 2016 General Assembly, where we will discuss with some of our members and key actors of the Internet domain names’ environment the challenges for GIs and country names protection in generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs),

To the 2016 WTO Public Forum, where our President and Managing Director will speak about women in IPRs and GIs for indigenous community.

From cooperating with prestigious associations like INTA, Marques and ASIPI to bring among the international trademark community the point of views of GIs,

To strategic partnerships with Department of Intellectual Property of Laos and the FAO-AFD Regional Project on the promotion of Rural Development through the development of GIs in Asia to discuss the protection and promotion of GIs.

 We organize and/or are invited in the major conferences, seminars, workshop and other GI-related events around the world. Check out our website to get the full details about our forthcoming events . Over the years, oriGIn has become a key actor in the global debate on the protection and promotion of GIs (See Policy and Advocacy).




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