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#Sustainability #FAO #CentralAmerica #Africa: oriGIn “GIs & sustainability strategy” implemented with the support of FAO

oriGIn last General Assembly – held in Treviso in October 2017 – approved a “GIs sustainability strategy”.

Following this, oriGIn concluded an agreement with the Food Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) to implement this strategy with pilot-test GIs. The project provides the adaptation of the overall strategy to two products in Central America and Africa (we are currently in the process of selecting them), taking into account local market requirements and needs.

Through this project, oriGIn will be in a position to further develop tools to support GIs groups to engage in sustainability strategies as well as to prioritize their objectives and needs. We will also make recommendations on existing sustainability evaluation tools, adjusting them as well as creating new ones. 


#oriGInMongolia: A new oriGIn national antenna is established

Following China, France, Portugal and Georgia, in 2018 another oriGIn national antenna was established: oriGIn Mongolia.

Over the years, GIs have stimulated increased interest in Mongolia, with 28 products’ names currently recognized at the national level (one of them – “Uvs Seabuckthorn” – in process to be protected in EU). The main purpose of oriGIn Mongolia is to provide support and advice to local GIs groups as well as to potential GIs, and to organize workshops across Mongolia. To contact oriGIn Mongolia, please write to: Mrs. Ganbold ARIUNAA, President, info@iip.mn / ariun19@gmail.com – Mrs. Nanzaidorj TUVSHINSAIKHAN, General Manager, tuvshinsaikhan88@gmail.com

To establish an oriGIn antenna in your country, find more information @ Getting global with a common identity 


#NonAgri #Morocco: Law on non-agricultural GIs

In 2016 , Morocco had adopted a new law on non-agricultural GIs (Loi 133-12 relative aux signes distinctifs des produits de l’artisanat  , in French, see page 745). The law does not mention foreign GIs. A decree is expected to be adopted in the following months to allow the registration of non-agricultural GIs in Morocco.

Morocco has an interesting handicraft tradition (pottery, carpet, leather – see http://www.label-artisanat.ma/?lng=fr) and the new law will offer an additional tool to protect and add-value to such tradition.  



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