oriGIn Alerts 24 July 2015: #oriGInEU

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#oriGIn: Establishment of the group “oriGIn EU”

Within the framework of oriGIn activities for the protection of the GI concept, oriGIn frequently takes action on the developments of EU quality policy and related Community Regulations.

As oriGIn grew and its actions multiplied at the EU level, it seems necessary to reflect on how to structure even more incisively the oriGIn’s action at EU level, as well as facilitate exchanges between the European members of the Organization and support the Secretariat to adopt strong positions on the various issues.

Therefore, in agreement with the Secretariat of oriGIn, the French GI Groups (through oriGIn France and mainly CNAOL) and 2 Italian GIs (notably Parmigiano Reggiano and Asiago) propose to establish the Group “oriGIn EU”. The group is open to all EU members of oriGIn. To be part of it, it is required only to be a member of oriGIn. The Group “oriGIn EU” will depend from oriGIn.

The objectives of the group are:

  • Reflect on how to structure even more incisively oriGIn’s action at the EU level and present concrete proposals to the Executive Committee;
  • Facilitate the regular exchange on any issue that affects the GIs in the EU; 
  • Follow developments of EU policies on GIs, and propose common positions of oriGIn on strategic issues under discussion in Brussels. These positions will then be validated by the Executive Committee of oriGIn;
  • In coordination with the Secretariat of oriGIn, to ensure an EU representation of oriGIn before the various European bodies.

The EU quality policy will be the key issue, but it may be supplemented by other matters that are relevant to the EU Members (market regulation, health, studies, supports on GI benefits, etc …). The participation in the Group will require some physical meetings per year (3 or 4) and regular exchanges and consultation by e-mail. A first meeting will be held in September (dates to be confirmed).

This proposal will be formally presented at the General Assembly (GA) of Fortaleza in November to formalize the establishment and functioning of the group. In the preparation of the proposal, to be summited to the GA, if you want to participate in the group “oriGIn EU”, please send a message to:

Massimo Vittori, oriGIn – massimo@origin-gi.com

copy to: Riccardo Deserti, Consorzio Parmigiano Reggiano deserti@parmigianoreggiano.com and Sébastien Breton, CNAOL aftalp@wanadoo.fr




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