oriGIn Alerts, 28 February 2014

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The OHIM’s trademark practice under revision and oriGIn contribution

OAMIThe Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) is in the process of adopting a new set Guidelines on trade mark examination practice.  A draft version (“Draft Guidelines Work Package”) is available for comments @ https://oami.europa.eu/ohimportal/en/draft-guidelines-2014-wp-2 The final version of the Guidelines is expected to be effective by August 2014.

oriGIn, which since 2011 has been deeply involved in ensuring that the OHIM practice is in line with the relevant EU legislation on PDO/PGI (see oriGIn paper on the management of trademark applications conflicting with PDO/PGI @ http://www.origin-gi.com/index.php/en/member-area/articles/item/3399-position-papers-en-gb-4.html#.Uw2yYPl5NZc transmitted to OHIM in 2011), will comment on the new Guidelines. In fact, while the document clearly reflects the tremendous progress made by OHIM in ensuring the respect of the EU Regulations on PDO/PGI, a few aspects of the OHIM practice can be further improved. Please find the oriGIn Draft comments @ http://www.origin-gi.com/index.php/en/member-area/articles/item/3399-position-papers-en-gb-4.html#.Uw2yYPl5NZc and send us your observations no later than 5 March 2014.



Committees & working groups updates

originoriGIn seats in various committees and working groups dealing with GI and related issues. Through our “Alerts”, we can now keep you constantly updated on the works of every group and committee we follow, and allow you to provide inputs.

The list of groups and committees followed by oriGIn is now available on our Website @ http://www.origin-gi.com/index.php/en/activities/advocacy.html#.Uw3CK_l5NZc together with the Agenda and relevant documents of each meeting.



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