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#Mexico #Yahualica: 16th GI recognized in Mexico

On 16 March, Mexico has recognized its 16th GI: “Yahualica” (See oriGIn Worldwide GIs Compilation ).

Yahualica is a chili with specific characteristics related to its production area, “Los Altos”, in the State of Jalisco and 2 municipalities in the State of Zacatecas, a semi-arid region, where the land is rich in iron and minerals.

More information (in Spanish) @ http://www.dof.gob.mx/nota_detalle.php?codigo=5516488&fecha=16/03/2018


#Jamaica #NewLaw: The Senate approves GIs Bill

On 9 March, Jamaican Senate approved the “Geographical Indications Bill”, which provides a solid level of protection (modelled around TRIPs article 23) to all GIs. The new law also establishes a “Geographical Indications Advisory Committee” to review GIs applications.

Currently Jamaica has recognized national 9 GIs (See oriGIn Worldwide GIs Compilation ). 

More information @ Jamaica Observer


#Bolivia #ElSavaldor #Bilaterals: Bilateral agreement covering GIs soon to be concluded

Bolivia and El Salvador negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement (which cover GIs under the IPRs chapter) are expected to be concluded this year. 

Under the agreement, Bolivia will recognize three GIs from the counterpart: Café de Apaneca-Ilamatepec, Bálsamo de El Salvador and Chaparro (spirit). On the other hand, El Salvador will recognize: Singani (spirit), the Quinua Real del Altiplano Sur, Ají Chuquisaqueño and Valle del Cinti (wine). 


#Ghana: GIs potential needs to be further explored

A recent study stressed the key role of GIs in sustainable development strategies in Ghana. 

Patterned of Kente, which is unique and attributed to the Akan group in the southern part of the country, the traditional beautiful Smocks associated with people in the northern part of Ghana, Handicrafts such as beads, largely produced by the Krobos in the south, and local Baskets from the Upper Regions, are just a few example of products whose names could qualify for GIs protection.  

More info @ https://www.modernghana.com/news/842406/potentials-geographical-indications-in-ghana-the-need-for-p.html#.WrOB4grap2I.twitter  



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