oriGIn Lab on Non Agricultural GIs

The objectives of the oriGIn Lab on non agricultural GIs are, on the one hand, (i) to exchange information (publications, new laws, recognitions and registrations, success stories, etc.) on non-agricultural GIs; on the other hand, (ii) to promote specific activities within oriGIn to raise awareness as to the need for a more adequate legal protection for non-agricultural GIs at the national, regional and international level, as well as to the importance of technical assistance to producers in developing countries.

The members of the Lab are:

 Yves Bugmann, Chief of the legal division of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, Switzerland

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 Delphine Marie-Vivien, GI expert at CIRAD, currently based in Vietnam  










 Miguel Ángel Medina, Lawyer, Associate Partner at ELZABURU, Spain 

Miguel Medina           







Giuseppe Olmeti, General Secretary, Associazione italiana Cittá della Ceramica (AiCC), Italy

 BeppeOlmetiLabwebFoto 2009

 Francisca Pleguezuelos Aguilar, Delegate, Junta de Andalucía in Brussels, Spain 

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 Ana Soeiro, Secretary General of the Portuguese GI Association (Qualifica), Portugal  

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