The future of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

eu farming policyThe main aspects of the agreement reached in 2013 by the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union (trilogue) on the CAP reform are : Fairness: Direct payments will be distributed in a fairer way between Member States and in a more transparent way; only farmers currently active will be able to benefit from income-support schemes; young farmers will be strongly encouraged to set up business. Strengthening farmers’ associations: Professional and interprofessional organisations will be promoted, and, for certain sectors, there will be specific regulations on competition law. Such organisations will be able to increase efficiency by negotiating sales agreements on behalf of their members; In addition, new crisis management tools will be put into place. The environment: 30% of direct payments will be linked to three environmentally-friendly farming practices: crop diversification, maintaining permanent grassland and conserving 5%, and later 7%, of areas of ecological interest as from 2018 or measures considered to have at least equivalent environmental benefits; efficiency and transparency: The amount of funding to support research, innovation and knowledge-sharing will be doubled.

With respect to GIs, oriGIn campaigns have been instrumental to provide the possibility to regulate the supply for PDO/PGI in the ham sector (which had been obtained by the cheese sector in 2011 as part of the “milk package”).




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