02/06/2023-GIs celebrating World Bee Day, International Tea Day, and Biodiversity Day

The recent celebrations of the World Bee Day (20 May), International Tea Day (21 May), and  International Day for Biological Diversity (22 May), gave GIs the possibility to highlight  their role in sustainable development. Some examples are: “Darjeeling tea” (India), “Asiago” (Italy) and “Mondulkiri Wild Honey” (Cambodia).

By establishing a strong connection between a product’s unique qualities and its geographical origin, GIs have become a powerful tool for fostering environmentally friendly production methods and ensuring the conservation of natural resources. Moreover, they contribute to the support of local communities and economies while preserving their unique cultural heritage.

As a way of example, the recognition of “Mondulkiri Wild Honey” as a GI in 2022, not only elevated the honey’s status but also became a driving force behind the adoption of more sustainable production techniques. As a result, the local community experienced increased value and income while safeguarding their natural environment. For more information on this inspiring case, please see this video.

To further promote the contribution of GIs to sustainable development on a global scale, oriGIn is actively working to foster collaborative efforts among GIs, raising awareness and supporting GI groups in addressing sustainability challenges and implementing best practices. More information is available in the dedicated page of our website.

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