27/10-02/12/2020- FAO-oriGIn Series of Webinars on “Contributing to SDGs through quality linked to geographical origin”

web 1 origin fao webinarsQuality products that are deeply rooted in a given geographical area play a key role in the economy. They can also contribute to social development and the preservation of local resources. Natural features – as well as tradition and culture, typical of certain geographical environments – have the potential to confer products unique characteristics and reputation, which are valued on the market. Preserving such resources, traditions and quality through Geographical Indications (GIs) can create value (economic, social an environmental) for producers and consumers. 

Keeping in mind that the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the point of reference for any strategy towards a more sustainable future, the FAO and oriGIn are holding a series of webinars (October-November 2020) to address how quality linked to geographical origin can contribute to achieve sustainability objectives.


Find out here the series of webinars full calendar and individual programs.  Please register for each individual webinar you are interested, by writing to ida@origin-gi.com – You will then receive the details to join each online event you have indicated.

Click here for more information about the series of webinars background and objectives 



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