05/12/2022-Press release: oriGIn presents the first edition of its ‘GI Trends’ Panel at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva

oriGIn presents today in Geneva – at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) – the first edition of its ‘GI Trends’ Panel, a survey aimed at monitoring – on a yearly basis – the major economic trends affecting, and the sentiment of, Geographical Indications (GIs) worldwide. The 2022 ‘GI Trends’ Panel is composed by 21 GI groups (not exclusively oriGIn’s members) from 13 countries and 5 continents, representing some of the most relevant GIs in terms of turnover and export worldwide in the agricultural, wines, spirits and craft sectors.

“We are glad to note that the 2022 ‘GI Trends’ Panel represents 63.4 billion EUR of aggregate turnover and 45.2 billion EUR of export. These are impressive figures which confirm the tremendous socio-economic impact of GIs worldwide. The groups in 2022 Panel represent a model of territorial development which can be useful for other recognized as well as potential GIs around the world. Symbolically, launching the first survey edition at the WIPO signals that a solid international legal framework is crucial to preserve the socio-economic value represented by GIs worldwide”, says the President of oriGIn Riccardo Deserti.  

The oriGIn survey contains 5 core questions on economic trends and expectations as well as 5 others formulated every year depending on the international scenario (the 2022 edition focuses on post-covid and sustainability issues).

Commenting on the main survey results, Mr. Deserti says: “At the beginning of 2022, economic expectations were positive or neutral for the vast majority of interviewed groups. This could be explained by several factors, such as the encouraging sales data registered in 2021 and the fact that the survey was conducted in the first part of 2022, when raising energy prices had not yet fully manifested their negative effects. Likewise, this shows that the GI sector tackles crisis with a long-term perspective, looking at opportunities to consolidate markets, rather than merely cutting costs”.

Another interesting survey result concern sustainability. For the majority of the interviewed groups in 2022, Covid 19 had had a positive or neutral impact on sales. This could be explained by the raising sustainability concerns of consumers, who largely see GIs, with their impact on local development, controls and preservation of traditions, as sustainable products. In spite of this, there is consensus within the 2022 ‘GI Trends’ Panel on the need to further addressing sustainability and achieving incremental progress, to respond to increasingly demanding consumers.

With respect to the 2023 survey edition, on top of the overall economic sentiment questions, it will focus on the impact inflation and energy prices. The 2023 survey results will be presented by June and additional GIs groups might be added to the Panel. Over the years, the oriGIn ‘GI Trends’ Panel is expected to strengthen the common identity of GIs worldwide as well as to support targeted and needs-based advocacy campaigns.

Download the survey full report (only in English).

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