09/11/2022-CarIPI publishes a study on the GI “Cacao Dominicano”

The CARIFORUM Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation Project (CarIPI) has recently published a study on the GI “Cacao Dominicano”.

“Cacao Dominicano” was recognized as GI in 2013 under the national law no. 20-00 on Industrial Property. About 2.4 million tareas (150,000 hectares) of cocoa are cultivated in the Dominican Republic by approximately 40,000 producers who have a long tradition of planting and harvesting cocoa fruit. Out of 36,236 registered farms, 16.5% are devoted to organic cocoa production, which began in 1995 and requires sustainable agricultural practices.
The study concludes that the registration of the GI strengthened the cocoa sector in Dominican Republic, encouraging the growth of a new industry of finished products based on cocoa and the expansion of growing areas, with a commitment to the environment.

The full version of the study is available here.

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