09/11/2022-“Vale do São Francisco” recently recognized as GI

Early this month, INPI Brazil recognized “Vale do São Francisco” (wine) as GI (“Indicação de Procedência” according to the Brazilian law).

“Vale do São Francisco” identifies tropical wines cultivated in the area along the São Francisco river, comprising the municipalities of Lagoa Grande, Petrolina and Santa Maria da Boa Vista, in the state of Pernambuco, as well as Casa Nova and Curaçá in the state of Bahia. The environmental characteristics, associated with latitude and semi-arid tropical climate, and specific viticultural production systems give this product specific characteristics.

Brazil counts now with 105 recognized GIs: 32 “Denominações de Origem” (23 national and 9 foreign) and 73 “Indicações de Procedência” (all national). For more information on Brazilian GIs please consult the oriGIn worldwide compilation.

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