20/03/2024-oriGIn and the FAO launch the publication : “Developing a roadmap towards increased sustainability in geographical indication systems” (Guidelines and Toolkit)

Dear members,

The evolution of “societal” values, consumers’ perception and trade regulations are pushing all economic sectors to rethink their business model, to be able to continue to generate value, taking into account at the same time social and environmental objectives. In this context, sustainability is certainly one of the crucial topics of our times.

This shift in paradigm represents both a challenge and an opportunity for GIs.

 To help GI groups and organizations navigate the emerging issues of sustainability, since 2016 we have been collaborating with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations to develop a ‘Sustainability Strategy for Geographical Indications’.

In this framework, we are glad to announce today the launch of the publication:

Developing a roadmap towards increased sustainability in geographical indication systems – Practical guidelines for producer organizations to identify priorities, assess performance and improve the sustainability of their geographical indication systems (Click on to download).


Toolkit (Click on to download).

The guide and toolkit provide GI organizations wishing to engage in a sustainability journey a practical methodology to:

  1. Prioritize local economic, social, environmental and governance topics to be addressed;
  2. Assess the current performance in the identified priorities through a set of indicators; and
  3. Improve performance through targeted initiatives, in partnership with potential allies.

We believe such practical tools will be useful for GI groups around the world at different stages of their sustainability journey. They can be used to elaborate their sustainability roadmap or simply to compare and evaluate their current strategy, through a participatory and inclusive process involving the relevant stakeholders in geographical areas.

Stay tuned, webinars in English, French, Spanish and Italian will be organized soon by oriGIn and FAO to give you more details about the guide and toolkit as well as to discuss how GI groups and organizations can engage with us on sustainability initiatives.

Kind regards,

Riccardo Deserti, President and Massimo Vittori, Managing Director  

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