21/11/2022-On 5 December in Geneva, at the World Intellectual property Organization (WIPO), oriGIn presents the results of the 2022 “GI Trends” Panel

On 5 December, oriGIn will present the results of its 2022 “GI Trends” Panel at a hybrid event in Geneva, taking place from 9.00 am to 10 am (CET) at the World Intellectual Property Organization (CONF Room 0.2 – WCH Foyer ground floor). The presentation can also be followed on ZOOM as of 9.30 (click here for more details). If you are interested to participate in person, please send an email to events@origin-gi.com . To follow the event on ZOOM, please click here to register and to obtain the link.

The oriGIn “GI Trends Panel” has the objective to monitor, on a yearly basis, the major economic trends affecting, and the sentiment of, GIs worldwide. The 2022 Panel is composed by 21 GI groups from 13 countries and 5 continents, representing some of the most relevant GIs in terms of turnover and export worldwide in the agricultural, wines, spirits and craft sectors. For future editions, the Panel will be open to additional interested groups.

The 2022 survey produced interesting results. Among them, the impressive Panel aggregate turnover and export and the sector commitment to further respond to sustainability challenges. This exercise – which we intend to repeat every year and present in a different location around the world – has the potential to reinforce the common identity of GIs as well as to provide arguments to support targeted and need-based advocacy campaigns.

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