30/01/2023-oriGIn presents its 2023 activities program

On 26 January, the oriGIn 2023 activities program was presented to the members and partners around the world during two online events to accommodate different time zones.

oriGIn President, Riccardo Deserti, stressed the fact that announcing the organization annual program early in the year represents an innovation in terms of method. This is poised to help members better plan their involvement in the oriGIn campaigns, which is crucial for their success. The President also highlighted that, leveraging from the important results obtained by his predecessor Claude Vermot-Desroches in terms of advocacy and internal governance, oriGIn is now in the position to strengthen its activities around three main pillars: i. Campaigning for robust protection of GIs in national laws and international treaties (Protection); ii. Promoting a model of managing value chains which is poised to respond to the emerging economic, social and environmental challenges (Sustainability); iii. Offering an international platform for best-practice exchange among GI stakeholders (Cooperation).  

oriGIn staff then presented in detail the activities planned in 2023 around those pillars:

Many thanks for your continuous support to oriGIn. We look forward to working with you in 2023!

The oriGIn team

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