27/07/2023-Seminar: Geographical Indications for Andean Countries, Challenges and Opportunities

The international seminar on “Geographical Indications for Andean Countries: Challenges and Opportunities” – organized by the IP Key Latin America Project and the IP Office of Peru (INDECOPI) – was held in Cusco (Peru) from 12 to 14 July.

For 3 days, the representatives Andean GIs – such as Aceituna de Tacna, Pallar de Ica, Cacao Amazonas Peru, Café Villa Rica (all from Peru), Bocadillo Veleño (Colombia), la Pitahaya Amazónica de Palora (Ecuador) and Quinua Real del Altiplano Sur (Bolivia) – as well as of intellectual property offices and local authorities, had the opportunity to discuss the current situation concerning GIs in the Andean countries. The two field visits organized in the framework of the event – to see the production of “Maíz Blanco Gigante de Cusco” and “Sal de Mars” in the provinces of Calca and Urubamba in the Inca’s sacred valley, were instrumental to stress 2 pillars for the success of GIs: having solid associations and credible controls.

The presentations delivered during the international seminar are available on the event webpage. 


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