28/03/2023-Chile-EU: The modernised agreements on wines and spirits entered into force while the FTA (which provided a chapter on the protection of agricultural GIs) will soon undergo the ratification process

On 9 March, the modernised agreements on wines and spirits between EU and Chile entered into force. The original agreements on wines and spirits were signed by the EU and Chile in 2002. 

The modernised agreements update and strengthen the protection of Chilean and European wines and spirits GIs in their respective jurisdictions and keep wine-making practices and certification of each party compatible to facilitate trade. In total, 405 wine, 105 spirit drinks and 1 aromatised wine terms from the EU were added or modified through the update. The agreements now include 1 573 wines and 235 spirit drinks and aromatised wines from the EU and 115 wines, and 10 spirit drinks and aromatised wines from Chile.

The trade between Chile and the EU will be further facilitated once the EU-Chile Advanced Framework Agreement , concluded on 9th December, will enter into force. The Advanced Framework Agreement is currently being verified before the ratification process can start.

With respect to GIs, this Advanced Framework Agreement will protect 216 EU agricultural products’ names in Chile as well as 18 Chilean agricultural products’ names in the EU. It also gives the possibility for both the EU and Chile to add new GIs to be protected in the future, with a maximum of 45 GIs every 3 years. Some GIs will not benefit from full protection and a grandfathering close will apply. The list of prior users will be included in a separate annex before the signature of the agreement, but it is not yet available.

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