30-31/05/2019 – XXV Anniversary of the Consejo Regulador del Tequila, Guadalajara (Mexico) 

thumb foto CRTAt the end of May, oriGIn attended the events organized in Guadalajara (Mexico) at the occasion of the XXV anniversary of the “Consejo Regulador del Tequila” (CRT)  Several members of oriGIn – “Comité Champagne”, FEDERDOC, “Consorzio Prosecco” and “Bayerischer Brauerbund e.V.” – participated as well, together with other prestigious groups from Spain, France, Mexico and the United States. 

The anniversary was the opportunity for oriGIn and its members to discuss GIs related issues, in particular international protection and sustainability, in the framework of a conference organized by the CRT. Moreover, Comité Champagne, Consorzio Prosecco and Bayerischer Brauerbund e.V renewed their cooperation agreements with the CRT, aimed at monitoring export markets and detecting GIs infringements. Following this, oriGIn is exploring the possibility to create a model agreement for members interested in carrying out mutual efforts in markets’ monitoring. This idea will be presented at our forthcoming biannual meeting of Tbilisi (23-25 September).

Finally, the CRT facilitated the organization of a meeting where the representatives of Mexican GIs could discuss with oriGIn and FEDERDOC their needs in terms of strengthening groups and control mechanisms, as well as further working on sustainability issues and being involved in international negotiations concerning GIs. Follow-up activities are expected to be organized as a result of this first introductory meeting. In this respect, oriGIn is keen to strengthen its role as platform for best practices exchange among GIs groups and associations.

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