Survey on sustainability (For GI Associations)-Form


    1. Is sustainability a topic of interest/discussion for the GI (or GIs) you represent?

    Who are the involved stakeholders

    2. Is your association working with experts/specialists/academics/public authorities/international organizations/ NGOs… to identify sustainability priorities and propose solutions?

    3. What are the main obstacles and needs for your association in engaging in sustainability improvement?

    4. Is there any discussion within the value chain actors on product specifications’ amendments to address sustainability issues?

    5. Is the GI (or GIs) you represent addressing sustainability through other modalities than product specifications’ amendments?

    6. Are you aware of any specific requirements on sustainability from your commercial partners (such are buyers, importers, distributors, retailers, …)?

    Might such requirements have an impact on the specifications?

    7. Are you aware of any specific regulatory requirements on sustainability in your country of origin and/or export market? Any legislation/regulation under discussion which has just come into force or might soon enter into force?

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