03/04/2019 – Cambodian GI recognised in the EU and publication of new EU GIs database

United Nations Day2012 freecomputerdesktopwallpaper 1920On 3 April the Cambodian GI “Skor Thnot Kampong Speu” – sugar made from sap of a palm tree collected and processed in three districts in the centre of Cambodia – was recognised in the EU. There are currently 32 GIs protected in the EU register following a direct application by third countries’ groups (food, wines and spirits included), benefitting from the same level of protection than EU GIs. The number of foreign GIs protected in the EU grows exponentially if we consider as well the ones protected under the bilateral agreements concluded by the EU. For more information (including national law, protection in third countries, etc..) on “Skor Thnot Kampong Speu”, please check oriGIn worldwide GIs compilation

Meanwhile, a new public database on the EU GIs – eAmbrosia – including information on their status, product specification, was launched by the Commission. Designed to replace e-Bacchus, e-Spirit-Drinks and Door, at this stage eAmbrosia includes EU GIs wines. By summer 2019, it will include the EU GIs spirits and, by the end of 2019, the EU agricultural GIs.


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