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At the GA, Mr. Yvon Bochet, President of the ‘Syndicat du Beaufort’, presented the case ‘Beaufort v. McDonald’s, in which the latter was condemned to pay 50.000€ of damages to the French GI group for advertising and selling a sandwich (‘Mac Beaufort’) which did not contain the original PDO French cheese.

The “Syndicat du Beaufort” donated 50.000€ to oriGIn to pursue its battles for a more effective protection of GIs at the global level. Our sincere thanks go to the “Syndicat du Beaufort” for this initiative, which gives us strength and motivation to continue our work in favour of GIs! 

More information: A Success Story: the Donation of Beaufort to oriGIn, Mr. Yvon Bochet, President, Syndicat du Beaufort

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