The EU recognizes the possibility for GI cheese producers to manage their volumes of production: an important first step for GI producers

UEOn the 6th December, the European institutions found a compromise on the so-called “Milk Package”, a reform of the EU Regulation on the dairy sector.

In the context of this reform, it was agreed that groups PDO and PGI cheese producers will have the possibility to manage the growth of their volume of production.

This is a very important development for GI producers as for the first time the European institutions consider that special rules can apply to GI products to allow their sustainable development. 

oriGIn has been at the forefront of this battle and hopes that the “Milk Package” constitutes only the first step. The same demand has been pushed through by oriGIn in the framework “Quality Package”, a set of legal proposals which is being discussed by the European institutions and which will modify the EU regulation on GIs. The possibility granted to PDO and PGI cheese producers in the “Milk Package” should be extended to all the other GI products as they face similar challenges. oriGIn will keep on working on this reform in 2012 to ensure that all agricultural products and foodstuffs registered as PDO or PGI will be able to manage their production, if they so wish.

oriGIn’s Advocacy on the EU Policy on Quality of Agricultural Products



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