15/02/2023-Towards a more sustainable development model to reduce impact on the environment

Early in January, the Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT) was elected to chair the Board of Associations of the Business Alliance for the Climate (“Alianza empresarial por el clima”) of the State of Jalisco (Mexico).

The Business Alliance for Climate was launched in 2021 with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Environment and Territorial Development. It was conceived as a platform to encourage dialogue and exchange of experiences between the different actors, with the aim of promoting a low-carbon economic development model by engaging companies and associations in Jalisco to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (45% by 2030) that contribute to global warming. The Alliance counts now with the participation of, 64 companies, 28 Associations and Chambers of the state of Jalisco.

The CRT involvement in the Business Alliance for Climate is part of a long-term proactive strategy that the Tequila industry engaged towards a more sustainable development model to reduce impact on the environment. It confirms that sustainability is high in the agenda of GI groups.

For more information read the CRT press release (in Spanish). 

On GIs and sustainability, please consult the dedicated page of our website.

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