30/09/2021-Publication of the Study on enforcement and control rules for GI protection of non-agricultural products in the EU

In the framework of the debate on non-agricultural GIs in the EU, the European Commission has recently published the “Study on enforcement and control rules for geographical indication (GI) protection for non-agricultural products in the EU”. The full version of the Study can be consulted here. 

Based on desk research, stakeholder interviews and an electronic survey conducted for a research sample of 30 real-life products (from several EU Member States and non-EU countries), six existing protection systems have been investigated with respect to their control and enforcement mechanisms, with a case study produced for each system:

  1. EU collective marks;
  2. EU certification marks;
  3. National certification marks;
  4. National sui generis geographical indication (GI) protection of non-agricultural products;
  5. EU sui generis GI protection of agri-food and drink products;
  6. Protection systems in non-EU countries. 

These protection systems have been compared and analysed with regard to their effectiveness, cost-efficiency and relevance. Three models for control and enforcement under a potential EU-wide system for the protection of non-agricultural geographically rooted products have also been developed, each of them with a different degree of involvement of public authorities.

oriGIn will keep monitoring the debate at the EU level, with the objective to facilitate the establishment of a EU system for the recognition and protection of non-agricultural GIs with the following characteristics:

  • Requiring the proof of a solid link between the products (whose names are the object of a request of protection) and their geographical area;
  • Providing simple and transparent procedures;
  • Not creating confusion with the existing European GIs systems.

For more information on the EU debate on non-agricultural GIs, please consult the dedicated webpage of our website.

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