31/08/2022- Members’Voice: Internal EU GI rules apply to exports of GIs, by Bernard O’Connor and Irina Kireeva, O’Connor & Company European Lawyers

In FETA IV, Case C-159/20, (decision published on 14 July) the Court of Justice of the European Union was asked to address a claim by the European Commission, which has the competence to ensure that EU law is complied with by each of the EU Member States, that Denmark was failing to stop Danish dairy producers from using the designation ‘feta’ on cheese for export that did not conform to the product specification (production outside the defined GI area and the using different raw materials and method of production, such as, particular, cows’ rather than sheep and goats’ milk and specific colorants). 

In this article (available only in English) , Bernard O’Connor and Irina Kireeva analyze this important ruling for GIs.

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