oriGIn Alerts 23 July 2015: #Promotion

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#Promotion: soon an oriGIn App will help EU GI groups to “match-make” with the objective to launch joint promotional programs under Regulation 1144/2014/EU

Regulation 1144/2014/EU on information provision and promotion measures concerning agricultural products implemented in the internal market and in third countries entered into force on 24 November 2014 and will be applicable as of December the 1st 2015. With Regulation 1144/2014/EU the budget allocated by the EU for promotional campaigns will progressively increase to reach 200 million EUR by 2019. The same Regulation provides up to 80% of EU co-financing for multi programs targeting third countries (the remaining 20% to be financed by the associations implementing such programs).

So far, several oriGIn members have successfully carried out promotional programs concerning GIs (either individually or in partnership with other GI groups) under the current Regulation (EC) 3/2008.

Against this background, on 15 July, oriGIn organized in Brussels a meeting among European GI groups (see the Program) with the objective to:

1. Review and learn from some successful programs carried out by oriGIn members under Regulation (EC) 3/2008 – See speakers’ presentations:

2. Better understand the implications of the new Regulation 1144/2014/EU – See presentation of Ms. Marie Maurey, Team Leader, Promotion Unit, DG Agriculture and Rural Development

3. Come up with concrete proposals for oriGIn to become a “match-making” platform for GI groups from different EU countries interested in launching joint promotional campaigns. See the presentation of Mr Massimo Vittori, Managing Director of oriGIn 

It was agreed that oriGIn will develop an App with the objective to help EU GI groups to “match-make” to launch joint promotional programs under Regulation 1144/2014/EU (along the lines described in the presentation of Massimo Vittori).




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