02/05/2022-Uzbekistan adopts its first law on geographical indications

The Law on Geographical Indications (GIs), adopted by Uzbekistan on 21 December 2021, entered into force on 3 March. A law on trademarks, service marks and names of place of origin of goods of 30 August 2001 already provided for the registration and use of appellations of origin.

The new law defines GIs and introducing the rules and grounds for registration and use. It provides for the registration of new national GIs, the right to use existing GIs and the registration and recognition of foreign GIs. It should be noted that the GI Law does not provide for provisions regarding penalties for the breach of the law. More information on the new law can be found here .

Uzbekistan currently has 2 national GIs recognized . Following the adoption of this new law, new registrations are expected.


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