05/10/2023-Thematic informal GI sessions: a new format for members and partners

For the 2023 Biennial Meeting, oriGIn proposed an additional moment to gather its members and partners to allow them to explore opportunities of collaboration, share best-practices and promote services. See the speakers’ presentations organized for topic:

i. Emerging legal GIs issues: 

  • Berenguer & Pomares: “Issues relating to the use of GIs as product’s ingredients and the registration of collective trademarks by producer groups”.
  • Bird&Bird: “Navigating the case law developments on evocation and registration of trademarks for goods complying with the GI specifications”.
  • DLA Piper, Italy: “Emerging legal issues in conflicts between GIs and trade marks: perspective of an EU practitioner”.

ii. GI alliances for sustainability:

  • Sustainable Wine Roundtable: Forging alliances is key to make progress towards sustainability: Discover the Sustainable Wine Roundtable, a multi-stakeholder platform to help advance collaboration & progress on sustainability in a crucial sector for GIs, wine.

iii. Technological tools for GIs:

  • De Tullio & Partners: “Effective protection of GIs in the Domain Name System: recent developments, best practices, legislative updates and case studies in the practice and in the work of the INTA Geographical Indications Committee”.
  • INEXTO: “Cutting-edge technology solutions to track and trace products throughout the supply chain, ensuring authenticity and transparency to brand owners, producers, governments, and consumers. Discover the power of INEXTO authentication solutions to safeguard your brand and intellectual property against the ever-growing threat of counterfeiting”.
  • Vlinder: “Geographical Indications and Sustainable Development: Linking Tradition and Innovation. Discover how Vlinder – a blockchain startup – provides a bridge linking the safeguarding of cultural heritage, and digital era via blockchain enabling Proof of Origin/Provenance, Traceability and Sustainability Footprint”.

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