29/10/2020 – Brexit: Online forum on the future of GIs in the UK

thumb Brand Dialogue Forum Sponsor Social Media Post FacebookAs Brexit negotiations enter a crucial face, oriGIn is glad to be a partner of Brand Dialogue in the organization of its annual forum, focused this year on the future of GIs in the UK. The Forum, which will be host online on Thursday 29th October, will be discussing the new UK GIs scheme as well as communication strategies in a post COVID-19 scenario. You can register @ Online forum on the future of GIs in the UK

Meanwhile, during the 9th round of negotiations on a future partnership between the EU and the UK – which took place on the week of 28 September – encouraging progress was finally made on GIs, confirmed by the publication of the UK guidance on protecting food and drink names from 1 January 2021. On the state of paly of the Brexit overall negotiations, the President of the European Commission and the UK Prime Minister endorsed the assessment of both Chief Negotiators that progress had been made in recent weeks, but that significant gaps remained and intensive work is need to try to bridge them.

On Brexit and GIs, see also the dedicated page of our website

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