27/10/2020 – Series of webinars on “Contributing to SDGs through quality linked to geographical origin”. Online event on “Trends in the wine sector”

thumb Publication Twitter TrendsWineSectorOnline event on “Trends in the wine sector”, organized in cooperation with EQUALITAS

Date: 27 October

Time: 3 to 5 pm (CET)


Program and presentations

15:00-Opening, background and objectives: Mr. Massimo Vittori (oriGIn)

15:05-Keynote: Sustainability certification in viniculture: a global overview and the Italian experience, Mr. Stefano Stefanucci (Equalitas)

15:20-The point of view of stakeholders:

– Policymakers: Mr. João Onofre (European Commission, DG Agri), Ms.Tatiana Svinartchuk (OIV)

– Producers: Ms. Allison Jordan (Wine Institute of California), Mr. Riccardo Ricci Curbastro (FEDERDOC)

– Retailers: Ms. Sasha-Monique Elvik (AS VINMONOPOLET) 


16:55-Conclusions and next steps

17:00-End of the session 


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