19/07/2022 – Members’Voice: “The Protection of Geographical Indications in India & Europe: A Comparative Study”, by Rajendra Kumar, Counsel & Senior Advisor, K&S Partners

Europe’s legal regime for protection of Geographical Indications (GIs) primarily comprises of highly evolved, multi-sectoral regulations pertaining to products and produce – from agricultural products to wines & spirits, and more such items. In contrast, the legal evolution of GIs in India is still at a nascent stage.

At point in time when the EU and India have restarted trade negotiations (which also concern GIs), in this article author Rajendra Kumar undertakes a comparative study of the legal regimes available for the protection of GIs in Europe and India. With the help of case studies and literature from the European Union and India, he reviews European advancements in interpreting and enforcing GI protection and further argues for a broader interpretation of the principles of unfair competition under the GI law in India, in the interest of better consumer protection and producers’ competitive interests.      

Read the full article here (only in English).

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