24/01/2024-Member’s Voice II (press release): The PGI “Plátanos de Canarias” gets a differentiated nomenclature within the EU custom code.

As of January 1, 2024, a new exclusive Combined Nomenclature (CN) for the PGI “Plátano de Canarias” is operational in the EU custom code. The CN serves as an international system for classifying and identifying goods used in customs declarations and other commercial documents.

Previously, “Plátano de Canarias” shared the CN with all fresh bananas entering the European market, regardless of their origin and characteristics. This situation presented challenges, making it difficult to trace and distinguish the PGI, renowned for its quality, origin and production methods. To address this issue, the Association of Organizations of “Plátano de Canarias” Producers (ASPROCAN), submitted a request to the European Commission. Supported by oriGIn as well as by Spanish associations and institutions, the request was accepted. Over the years, oriGIn has increasingly supported its members in tackling matters of interest with public authorities.

Read the full ASPROCAN press release in Spanish.

Additional information on oriGIn support to its members can be found on the Enforcement page of our website.

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