29/01/2024-oriGIn policy concerning its involvement in enforcement activities in support of its members

Dear Members,

over the years, you have increasingly requested oriGIn support in enforcement activities, both formally and informally (details can be found on the oriGIn Website in the sections Enforcement and Relations with Trademarks ):

oriGIn involvement in such activities has been instrumental to the defense of crucial GI principles as well as to the positive outcome of disputes. Likewise, it contributed to reinforce the sense of common identity among the GIs of our global network.

Given the growing number of requests from members concerning oriGIn involvement in enforcement activities, as well as the amount of time and resources needed to address them, we have developed an oriGIn policy in this area (please click here to read the full policy ).

This policy underlying idea is to maintain the oriGIn support needed by GI groups of limited dimensions and financial resources within its network (such as the informal assistance in developing arguments for national/regional authorities for the respect of crucial GI principles, the support to existing amicus curiae briefs and the preparation of observations with respect to trademark applications in conflict with GIs) included in the membership fees.

On the other hand, for a tailored made legal support requiring more time and specific dedication, the idea is to secure extra resources to oriGIn, either via the ‘Golden Membership’ (for such category of members, this kind of legal support will not require additional charges – please click here to find more information about the category of “Golden Members” ) or through specific fees to be paid to oriGIn.

Finally, for GI groups of limited dimensions and financial resources within the oriGIn network in need of support for which a specific fee is required in light of this policy, the oriGIn Executive Committee will explore the possibility to find resources to cover such expenses, on a discretionary basis.

We trust this policy takes into account the different needs and possibilities of our Members, while providing oriGIn the adequate resources to respond to them. Meanwhile, we remain available for any clarification you might require.

Kind regard,

Riccardo Deserti – President, Massimo Vittori – Managing Director

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