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SDA Bocconi

Master in Fine Food & Beverage, SDA Bocconi, Milan (Italy). oriGIn is one of the program’s partners. oriGIn provides specific knowledge and expertise in the area of GIs and fine food & beverage

Intellectual Property Watch Reports

  Thanks to our partnership with Intellectual Property Watch (IP-Watch) – a non-profit independent news service – oriGIn members receive periodically special articles concerning GIs, trademarks as well as other relevant IP issues. oriGIn members interested to access to all…

oriGIn Info Service

GIs have become a global phenomenon. As a result, national laws are rapidly evolving. Are you familiar with your national regulation concerning GIs? Do you know the applicable rules in foreign countries where you are (or wish to be) exporting?…

1-3/06/2010 – oriGIn Events in Washington DC

01/06/2010 – Launching of oriGIn’s handbook American Origin Products (AOP): Protecting a Legacy, Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP, 1101 New York Avenue N.W., Washington D.C. 20005 03/06/2010 – Seminar on American Origin Products (AOP): Economic and Legal Perspectives, SEIU Conference Center, 1800 Massachusetts…

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