12/11/2020 – Series of webinars on “Contributing to SDGs through quality linked to geographical origin”. Event on Sustainable management of wild collected products for GIs

Online event on “Sustainable management of wild collected products for GIs”, organized in cooperation with European Forest Institute (EFI)

Date: 12 November

Time: 3 to 5.30 pm (CET)

Program and presentations

Moderator: Carsten Smith-Hall, University of Copenhagen

15:00 Opening: Background, Objectives and scope of the session, Sven Walter & Florence Tartanac (FAO)

15:15 Keynote: Importance of origin linked certifications for wild collective products, Davide Pettenella, University of Padova, Incredible project

15:30 Cases studies of GI related certification shemes of wild products – opportunities and challenges

– Europe: The Place and Role of Wild Collected Thyme in the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), Nathalie Vucher, Association of Herbes de Provence and president of INAO committee on controls

– Global: Experiences from Shael Forest Foods and Action against Desertification (AAD), Josef Garvi, Executive Director, Sahara Sahel Foods

– Africa: The case of the forest fruit Madd in Senegal, Pape Tahirou Kanouté, Director of local NGO Etudes, Territoires, Développement et Services

– Latin America: Chakra Label from Ecuador, Virginia Vallejo, national Farm and Forest Facility(FFF) facilitator in Ecuador

16:10 Q&A and Discussion on key issues above-mentioned

17:00 Discussion on next steps and possible collaborations

17:20 Conclusions Inazio Martinez de Arano (EFI)

17:30 End of the meeting

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