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15/09/2016 – #EU Latest news on #FTA

On 15 September, oriGIn attended the EU Civil Dialogue Group on International Aspects of Agriculture. On the current Free Trade Agreements negotiations impacting on GIs, the most interesting news are the following: On

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20/06/2016 – #TheEconomist #GIs

In response to the article “For the love of pizza”, published by the Economist on June 4th under the column “Charlemagne”, oriGIn and AICIG sent some comments with the objective to clarify some

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02/05/2016 – TTIP recent leaks and GIs

On 2 May, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiating documents (reflecting the negotiating positions of the US and the EU) were made available by Greenpeace: With respect to GIs (see

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