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oriGIn Alerts 26 April 2017: #China #AQSIQ #Colombia

 {autotoc option1=value1|option2=value2|…|optionN=valueN} #China #AQSIQ: Clarifications concerning the protection of foreign GIs In the framework of providing its members with information concerning the laws and procedures to register GIs in foreign jurisdictions, oriGIn offers you

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oriGIn Alerts 02 February 2017: #Pakistan #NonAgri

 {autotoc option1=value1|option2=value2|…|optionN=valueN} #Pakistan: GI Law under discussion In Pakistan, GIs are currently protected under the Trademark Ordinance of 2001 (Section 82 of Collective Marks chapter and Section 83 of Certification Marks chapter). A

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