manualgTLDweboriGIn believes that the ICANN process of attribution of new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) – as well as the system of traditional gTLDs (.com, .int, .org, etc.) and of country code ccTLDs (“.ch”, “.ca”, “.uk”, etc.) should be fully compatible with the internationally accepted rules on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and, therefore, take into account GIs as prior rights deserving protection in case of irregular use on the Internet Domain Names Environment.

In particular, we believe that the ICANN process of attribution of new gTLDs has dramatically increased the challenges in terms of counterfeiting and misappropriation for GIs (let’s think of new delegated strings such as “.bio”, “.food”, “.pizza” and “.coffee” just to name a few). In light of this, we believe that– in the context of the Internet governance debate – a thorough discussion on the most effective ways to ensure an effective protection for GIs in gTLDs should be undertaken at the global level. In this respect, it is crucial to recall that GIs is mainly a system of small and medium sized enterprises, in the vast majority of cases small rural producers that play a crucial role in the sustainable development of their communities.

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