09/05/2012 – oriGIn at Cibus 2012, Parma (Italy)

On 9 May 2012 oriGIn participated in the prestigious international food fair “CIBUS” in Parma (Italy).  For more information please see: Special Event “Bufala & Tequila: The Two-Worlds GI Alliance” Photo Gallery  

V oriGIn’s General Assembly

Relevant documents: Programme of the V General Assembly Activities Report Presentations Press Release Declaration of Guadalajara Amendments to the oriGIn’s Statutes Photo Gallery General Assembly      

Press Coverage V oriGIn’s General Assembly

03/10/2011 – Zapopan sede mundial de los productos emblematicos (El Informador) 02/10/2011 – Poco negocio en denominaciones (El economista) 01/10/2011 – Falsificación, pesadilla en denominaciones de origen (Milenio) 01/10/2011 – CRT firma convenios internacionales ( 30/09/2011 – Jalisco, sede de…

Presentations International Conference

Keynote speech, Mr. Riccardo Deserti, Food Quality Expert / Former Director General, Italian Ministry of Agriculture Topic I: Success Stories in Managing National Associations of GIs   ORIGEN ESPAÑA, Mr. Federico Moncunill Gallo, Director, Executive Commitee, Asociación Española de Denominaciones…

29-30/09/2011 – oriGIn in Guadalajara

On 29-30 September, Guadalajara was at the heart of the international debate on GIs. GI stakeholders from all around the world gathered at the oriGIn’s 5th General Assembly (GA) and International Conference on the Latest Trends in the GI Sector.…

Press coverage Parmigiano-Reggiano International Award 2010

28/10/2010 – US Would-Be GI Wins Solidarity Award From European GI Producers (IP-Watch) 25/10/2010 – A Kona Coffee (Hawaii) il ”Premio Internazionale Parmigiano-Reggiano” (Reggio24ore) 25/10/2010 – Salone del Gusto 2010. Il Parmigiano Reggiano Premia il caffé Kona ( 25/10/2010 – Salone del…


Mardi 28 Septembre 2010 Panel I : Les filières cacao et café au Cameroun: qualité, commercialisation et traçabilité Organisation des filières cacao et café au Cameroun, Représentant, Ministère du Commerce   La démarche information géographique dans les filieres cacao et café,…

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